As well as great local ales and amazing wines, we also offer delicious pub food, Sunday roasts, and our special range of Tapas. Based in Llanidloes, Powys, The Whistling Badger is the ultimate place to experience the British countryside. We are a community hub for locals but also draw customers from far and wide, and look forward to welcoming you. To book a table, please contact us directly.

Our Kitchen Team

We are intrinsically a family business. Sarah (me) is chief cook and bottle washer! Susan (mum) is volunteer chamber-maid, sous-chef and personal local shopper. Steve (husband) can often be found loitering around the bar on a Sunday amusing the customers with talk of model railways and ‘how things were better in the old days!!!  Daughter Fran manages the Restaurant – or did before she very unhelpfully went to UNI – roll on Christmas!  Jazz daughter two waitresses and pot washes – mainly under duress and oh yes…I have a son – last seen behind an XBOX controller circa 2017…

My fabulous bar staff are local lads and lasses who are delightful, pleasant and who always look incredibly smart in their uniforms. They are my backbone and work very hard!

Our Ethos

Is very simple. We work hard here to ensure that everyone who visits has a lovely time with us. We think we go the extra mile to make people feel welcome and at home. Our room-stay customers are invited to join us for a welcome drink – on the house.  Our food is homely and prepared, cooked and served with genuine welsh hospitality.

Our Menus

The menus here at TWB are constantly changing and adapting to the seasons and our clients.  We try to accommodate all tastes, ages and pockets.  Our recurring menu consists of a range of  superbly sourced charcuterie meats, world cheeses and seafood dishes  accompanied by home made dishes including tapanades, Spanish omlettes, hummous dips, and my signature Spicy Slow-cooked Chorizo.

We are fortunate to have a supreme baker in town – ANDY –  who brings fresh sourdough and ciabatta to me throughout the week.

We endeavour to source all of our ingredients locally. Difficult with a Spanish style tapas menu! 

For Autumn/winter season we have introduced a ‘mix and match’ PIE MASH AND PEAS menu – which is proving really popular – again thanks to our local CELTIC PRIDE COMPANY for supplying the pies. If you just fancy a quick lunch then come to sample our home-made fayre. Pea & Ham soup, Spicy Tomato & Chorizo and Leek & Potato feature regularly on the soup menu along with freshly prepared paninis, sandwiches and the occasional beef stew or lamb cawl.